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Vote: Who told the most outrageous lie?

Do you smell burning pants? These are some of the biggest lies of all time. Drag and drop the person you think is the biggest liar into the No. 1 spot, and then continue down the list. We'll reveal our top 10 at the end of "Liar, Liar Week" on Morning Express.

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  • Lance Armstrong: Doping

    Lance Armstrong: DopingHe lied about not using performance-enhancing drugs.Read more

  • Jodi Arias: Murder

    Jodi Arias: MurderShe lied to police about killing her boyfriend.Read more

  • Jennifer Wilbanks: Runaway Bride

    Jennifer Wilbanks: Runaway BrideThe 'Runaway Bride' lied about being abducted to avoid her wedding.Read more

  • Milli Vanilli: Lip-syncing

    Milli Vanilli: Lip-syncingGrammy award-winning duo admitted they lip-synced their hit songs.Read more

  • Bill Clinton: Lied under oath

    Bill Clinton: Lied under oathHe lied about "having sexual relations" with then-White House intern Monica Lewinsky.Read more

  • Richard Nixon: Watergate

    Richard Nixon: WatergateHe lied about his involvement in the Watergate scandal.Read more

  • Susan Smith: Fake carjacking

    Susan Smith: Fake carjackingSmith drove her car into a lake with her children strapped inside, but told police she had been carjacked. Read more

  • John Edwards: Mistress

    John Edwards: MistressHe lied about his relationship with Rielle Hunter and having a lovechild.Read more

  • Bernie Madoff: Ponzi scheme

    Bernie Madoff: Ponzi schemeHe's serving time in prison for one of the largest investment schemes in U.S. history.Read more

  • Marion Jones: Doping

    Marion Jones: DopingThe Olympic track-and-field gold medalist admits to lying about doping.Read more

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