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10 Most Outrageous Daytime TV Moments

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  • Luke and Laura's wedding

    Luke and Laura's weddingLuke and Laura of “General Hospital” coined the term “supercouple.” Their wedding was one of the most anticipated and well-known soap opera events.Watch this video

  • Rosie vs Elisabeth on The View

    Rosie vs Elisabeth on The ViewCheck out Rosie O’Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s heated political debate. In what was dubbed the best TV cat fight, the two argue about the U.S.Watch this video

  • Geraldo gets his nose broken

    Geraldo gets his nose brokenSyndicated talk show host Geraldo Rivera has experienced many dramatic moments on his show, but never a broken nose—until this episode. When aWatch this video

  • Katie Couric colonoscopy

    Katie Couric colonoscopyJournalist Katie Couric videotaped her entire colonoscopy procedure for the world to see. Despite being lightly sedated, she was able to communicateWatch this video

  • Remember this? Tom Cruise couch-jumping!

    Remember this? Tom Cruise couch-jumping!Tom Cruise had a big announcement to make on the Oprah Winfrey show: He was in love! To prove just how in love he was with now-wife Katie Holmes, theWatch this video

  • Pine Valley explosion

    Pine Valley explosionAh yes, the epic explosion at Erica Kane’s Mardi Gras Ball on “All My Children.” The explosion was part of Janet Dillon’s plot to get revenge on PineWatch this video

  • Marlena's exorcism on Days of Our Lives

    Marlena's exorcism on Days of Our LivesMarlena and John were another “supercouple” on the 1980s on “Days of Our Lives.” After a decade-long drama-filled romance, Marlena became possessed byWatch this video

  • Tyra: You can kiss my fat butt

    Tyra: You can kiss my fat buttThe strong, self-assured Tyra Banks had something to say to her haters: “Kiss my fat ass!” That’s right, she wasn’t afraid to take on all the nastyWatch this video

  • Erica Kane battles a grizzly bear

    Erica Kane battles a grizzly bearThis gem of a clip is from a 1985 episode of “All My Children,” where Erica Kane has to fight off a grizzly bear after escaping a kidnapping. How doesWatch this video

  • Oprahâs wheelbarrow of fat

    Oprah’s wheelbarrow of fatYou can say Oprah Winfrey has been on a kind of diet rollercoaster, gaining and losing weight throughout her years as a TV talk show host. In thisWatch this video

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